You’re ready to quit your 9-5 gig and create a more fulfilling life.

Your job is allllright -it's just not the work you were meant for. Sitting through staff meetings is torturous. Your friends and family members say: "Be grateful for your steady paycheck and health insurance." Instead, you feel paralyzed and frustrated. You schedule time for your Dream Work, then end up binge-watching Orange is the New Black 

No more. You’re ready and fired up but you need help overcoming your biggest obstacle - yourself.

TAKE THE LEAP is a three month 1-on-1 coaching program to jumpstart your dream work and create an exit strategy from the 9-5 that's wearing you down. (Whether you want to leave in3 months or 2 years.)

Here's why you feel so paralyzed:

You're making the BIG mistake most of us make when it comes to following our calling : you're relying on your willpower and passion to take you from draining 9-5 to fulfilling Dream Work. That's not going to happen.

You start out turnt up and ready to get it. You write ambitious (and unrealistic) To-Do lists that would scare even Beyoncé. Then your willpower runs out and your crazy boss drains your passion reserve. (Don't worry, you're human - researchers estimate an average blast willpower lasts for 15 minutes max.)

So how do you cope? Call yourself a loser and catch up on the Scandal to make yourself feel better?

What if you tried a better way to do your Dream Work that didn't depend on your fickle willpower or passion? What if you understood how you naturally work at your best and created a plan based on your natural strengths? And what if you only have to devote 15 minutes of your day to work on your exit strategy and knew the exact baby steps that would have the biggest impact?

Here's how I finally found the courage to turn down the comfort of a steady paycheck for the riskier dream of doing my Dream Work full-time: I used Human Design to learn what made me tick and what set me back. I started tiny habits that increased my ticking and decreased my setbacks. Then I kept putting one foot in front of the other until I had created the time and cash flow to get comfortable leaping.  

Together we'll create habits to help you:

  • Wake up without an alarm clock excited to get started with your day

  • Stop stressing yourself out with long lists and know the ONE thing you need to get done each day to move closer to your last day at your soul-sucking 9-5
  • Dance with your kids while you make dinner instead of snapping at them because hello, you just got another payment for doing the work you LOVE

You'll learn to:

  • Make time to consistently work on a dream project that allows you to do the work you feel called to do
  • Create an exit strategy and confidently announce your last day at work to your boss and your family
  • Get things done with less stress  (using the power of Human Design)

What you get:

  • 6 hourlong 1-on-1 coaching calls (We'll talk every other week. You'll get coaching to match your unique needs and personality, instead of generic coaching advice)

  • 3 20-minute SOS calls that you can use when you need some emergency support (1 call/month)

  • Checklists, guidebooks, resources & articles handpicked for you

  • Email support: Up to 3 questions, once a week so you can troubleshoot, vent or celebrate with me

  • Personalized Dream Work Playbook that maps out what you need to focus on for the next 90 days

  • Personalized Self-Care Plan to the day-to-day habits YOU need to handle any stress, fear or doubt that pops up (take a peek)

  • Invitation to a 3-hour virtual co-working sessions every month (so you can work on your important steps)

  • 3 months of accountability and support

  • My loving attention, lifetime of hard won lessons and years of training dedicated to you and your precious dream



What happens after you register:

  • You choose your preferred payment plan

    • 1 payment of $900

    • 3 payments of $300 (paid every 30 days)

    • 6 payments of $150 (paid every 30 days)

  • Once you pay, you receive a welcome letter

  • You sign the coaching agreement and fill out your intake form

  • You sign up for your first session through my online scheduler

Registration is CLOSED and will reopen in September 2015.

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Why me?

Even though mindset is important, your self-limiting thoughts are not the only thing that need to shift when you're taking big risks. As a trauma survivor, I learned this the hard way. Well-meaning coaches mislabeled my fears and self-doubt as resistance. They didn't understand how my hyper-vigilant nervous system kept me stuck. I learned to acknowledge the impact of living in a systemically unjust world without giving up my personal power to shape my Reality. This lesson gave me the courage move away from a draining 9-5 and towards my Dream Work: liberating women of color from conditions and misconceptions that don't serve them.

What makes this coaching program different?

RADICAL: Let's get to the root of your struggles. No one exists in a vacuum. We're part of a larger culture that shapes our lives. My work focuses on how power and privilege affects how we see ourselves and how we relate to our dreams, our failures and our success.

HOLISTIC: Some healing work just focuses on one avenue of transformation. Cognitive coaches say it’s all about your thinking. Somatic healers say it’s all about your body. Energy healers say it’s all about your vibration. The truth is some avenues work better than others for certain people. Which brings me to my next point...

PERSONALIZED: Quantum physics has taught us we’re all made up of energy. And our energy is as unique as our fingerprints. I’ve studied a personality system that maps out each person’s specific energy-print based on their exact birth information (yes, I just made up that word). I use this tool to teach my clients how they’re wired to work at their best and move past challenges.

Registration is CLOSED and will reopen in September 2015.

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