You know you're stuck.

You know how to journal and dig deep to discover your next big goal. You just wish you were more disciplined. You start out strong with your color-coded To-Do lists and high hopes. Then you lose steam. Before you know it, you're cheating on your dreams with Netflix. You're mad at yourself for being so lazy and start to wonder if you really have what it takes to bring your big dreams into reality.

I've been there.

After a decade of work in the social justice movement, I was burnt out. I wanted to do more wholistic healing work, but I didn't know where to start. So I turned to the coaching world for help. I learned a lot but I still felt stuck.

Coaching is full of messages about changing your mindset. And while mindset is important, your self-limiting thoughts aren't the only thing that need to shift when you're taking big risks. As a trauma survivor, I learned this the hard way.

Well-meaning coaches mislabeled my fears and self-doubt as resistance. They didn't understand how these feelings were side effects of  my hypervigilance - which came up whenever I felt threatened due to my trauma history.

I offer coaching that is mindful of how our experiences in this often unjust and violent world imprints our subconscious. I can partner you to create wholistic solutions to overcoming your challenges.

Being stuck has nothing to do with laziness, so...

Stop being so mean to yourself.

It's not your fault you're stuck. We've all been sold the lies that all you need to reach your goals is a healthy dose of willpower.

The truth is that our willpower isn't reliable. Instead, you need to learn why you’re really stuck, how you naturally work best and create habits that help you take action even when you're feeling unmotivated or tired.

After you learn how you naturally work best:

  • Develop your own consistent daily practice to bring your ideas to life.
  • Trust yourself to make decisions that align with your goals and inspire you to not give up on bringing your unique ideas to life
  • Develop strategies to work through your depression, fears, doubts and anxiety so they can fuel you instead of stop you.

When you know how you work best, you have more agency over your time and can live out your dreams. Instead of wasting time planning what to do, focus on planning how you need to be.  I’ve mapped out a 4-part process that will teach you exactly how to do that.

Want to become unstoppable?

Join me for Unstoppable FLOW : a 4-week program that transforms you from a dreamer to a doer.  You’ll learn why you’re really stuck, how you naturally work best and what habits you need to create so you can become unstoppable and take action even when you're feeling unmotivated or tired.

The next program will open for registration in the fall 2015. Join the list to find out when doors open first.

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What you get:












  • 4 90-minute training calls so you can learn how to create a personalized action plan based on Human Design (unique personality assessment tool)
  • Handpicked worksheets and resources to help you outline an action plan that will move you towards your goal
  • 1 60-minute one-on-one coaching call to revise and update your personalized productivity plan






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Who am I:

Hi! I'm Ije. (Pronounced EE-Jay).

I create programs for women with radical dreams who can't figure out how to follow through on their ideas.

After years of working in communities to end violence against women and children, I started a business to teaching women like you how to deal with their fears, insecurities and self-doubt.

I can show you how to get what you want while sprinkling in some good music and dancing. (Because fun brings out the best in you!)

I love working with women like you because your dreams make the world a better place.


Send me your name and email and I'll let you know when doors open for the next round of Unstoppable Flow.


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