You wish you had more time.

You’re doing your real work - using your special gifts and perspective to make a difference in the world. Not just by starting a business that helps people or working at a nonprofit with an inspiring mission.

But also by being the best mother, partner, daughter, sister, friend and neighbor you can be.

So of course, you’ve got a lot going on.

I understand. I’m a recovering overcommitter myself. My son complained that I spent more time on my computer than I did with him. I neglected my friends and never had energy to go out dancing. Waking up every morning felt like torture. I was on the brink of completely burning out but I couldn't afford to "take a break from work" or go on vacation to recuperate.

Here's what I learned the hard way:

If you feel overwhelmed and constantly complain that you don't have enough time,  you don't have a time management problem --- you've got an energy management problem.

You don’t need to find a better planner, calendar, or even get more disciplined.

All you need?

Is to learn how to manage your energy so you can do your best work and be your best you.

Managing your energy is about:

  • Knowing how to refill your energy (like when turn off your computer to take a nap vs. do some jumping jacks and get back to work)
  • Knowing how to focus your energy (like when to pick one big goal to focus on vs. when starting a side passion project is exactly what you need)
  • Knowing how to plug up anything that’s draining your energy (by having a hard, honest conversation or backing out of a commitment)

Learn the first step for managing your energy, with the NOW WHAT? tool

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