You finally did it! Announced your last day at work. Announced your new website on Facebook. Bought that one-way ticket to Brasil. 

At first, it felt good. Now you're wondering if you made a mistake. You're in the right place...and you're my favorite kind of person to work with!


Hi! I'm Ije. (Pronounced EE-Jay).

It's my passion to create programs for multi-talented women who can't figure out how to follow through on the life projects they keep dreaming about.

After years of working in communities to end violence against women and children, I started a business teaching women of color how to deal with their fears, confusion and self-doubt.

I show them how to get what they want, which is more freedom in their lives and the world, while sprinkling in some good music and dancing. (Because fun brings out the best in you!)

I love working with women like you because your dreams make the world a better place.

I create personalized coaching programs using the power of Human Design (a comprehensive personality assessment tool that can save you a lot of heartache and time). And in the fall, I'll be launching my first product.

Get a taste of my work: Sign up for a FREE UNSTOPPABLE FLOW guidebook to learn the 4 questions to help you when you're tired of feeling like a flake and want to work consistently on your dream project even when you're tired and unmotivated.

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When I'm not teaching or coaching clients, I'm enjoying a dancehall class in the city, planning my next trip to a beach somewhere or enjoying a sweet treat like this yummy bite of cheesecake rice pudding. (Mmmmhmm!)