How to go from anxious and heavy to grounded and clear in 30 minutes or less

               art by Tamara Natalie Madden, Zephyrs of Change  

               art by Tamara Natalie Madden, Zephyrs of Change 

I’ve got a special invitation for you, but first...a little background.

When I was pregnant I read that for trauma survivors, birth could either be re-traumatizing and horrific or empowering and healing. In that moment I decided, I was going to use childbirth as an opportunity to heal.

With the help of a doula, a journal and lots of loved ones I had a really powerful birth experience.

Over the past 7 years of working with women to bring their visions to life, I’ve realized that the same can be said about your dreams:

Giving birth to your dreams can either be painful and paralyzing or healing and liberating.

The experience you have ultimately depends on:

  • how well you know what you need to succeed, and
  • how committed you are to creating an environment to meet those needs. (And by environment I mean habits, support system, time and physical space.)

The first day I dropped my son off at the babysitters and headed back to work, I cried the whole subway ride. That’s when I starting dreaming of running my own business so I could spend as much time with my son as I wanted.

Fast forward twelve years later and I’m finally fully self-employed. Now my new dream is to help as many women as I can clear the way to their dreams. I love hearing what your dreams are and strategizing on how to move through the obstacles between where you and where you want to be.

My special gift is tuning into what’s unique about you and connecting you to the right resources and tools to move you forward. And I need to share it, just like you need to share your gifts and passions! So....

I’d like to invite you to a free ENERGY BOOST coaching session with me.  I open up a limited number of slots in my calendar every month. You can bring whatever's weighing you down and holding you back and leave with the best next step to move forward.

In our session you can pick ONE thing you want to learn about [making your dreams happen]:  

  • how to plug up energy leaks so you feel energized and focus on your project
  • how to handle stress (so life can be more awesome)
  • decipher what your feelings are trying to tell you
  • how to make decisions that are right for YOU (not your mama, your coach or best friend)
  • what your triggers are (so you can prepare for them instead of letting them throw you off your game)
  • what your core life challenges are (and how to use them to help you grow)

At the end of our session, you’ll leave with one practical tip you can start using right away.  Practical action steps are my coaching superpower. I love boiling information into down-to-earth tidbits you can actually use. (I think it’s the Taurus in me:)

So if you want to learn how to make the process of giving birth to your dreams less painful and more freeing, sign up for your free ENERGY BOOST session with me.

 Here’s how one of my clients described working with me:

“Over the years, I have worked with Ije. What is beautiful is that each time I may walk in with a slew of "stuff" and heavy anxiety, and then I walk away feeling grounded and sure in what it is that I want, and how I want to feel in the process.”  -  Morgan Cousins, Photographer, Writer and VA Extraordinaire

Hope we talk soon. I'd love to help you bring your dreams to life!

P.S. After you click the link you’ll fill out a quick intake form, give me your birth information (so I can share the power of Human Design with you) and sign up for your session with my online scheduler. Talk soon!