The life-changing tool you've probably never heard of that can help you get more done

Not satisfied with your life right now?

I wrote this for you.

An astrologer-friend of mine once said:  

“You’re the answer to the question the Universe was asking at the moment of your birth.”  

Beautiful thought, right?  

I wanted to believe it. Instead I spent most of my life thinking there was something wrong with me.  I’m too sensitive.  Too emotional.  Too naive. Too awkward.

I devoured self-help books with the same passion my sister uses to sift through shoe stores. (Just so you understand what I’m talking about - she ran a blog called Shoe Porn.)

I doubt there's a healing tool I haven’t read about, tried or been certified in.  

The more I tried to "fix" myself, the further away I seemed from the peace of mind and confidence I was looking for. 

Granted I made progress. I grew.  Dissolved huge chunks of trauma and felt my load lighten over the years.  

But I didn’t start to really sink into myself until I had my first Human Design reading.

Now I’ve had readings before.  Everything from intuitive to numerology to astrology.  (Vedic. Chinese. And Western.) The Human Design reading was different for me. Something clicked. 

I finally gave myself permission to be me.  Awkwardness and all.

The more I studied Human Design, the more relieved I felt.  

For instance, I realized that what I thought was indecisiveness was actually part of my decision-making process. In the Human Design system there are seven different ways you can be wired to tap into your intuition

My decision-making process is connected to the energy center that processes emotional energy. So when I make a decision it's like I have a jury of 12 emotional selves that need to weigh in on the decision and be heard. This can take 2-3 days.

So now instead of rushing to make important decisions. Or calling myself a flake for having mixed feelings about what to do. I give myself more space to feel what I'm feeling and listen in for what I can learn.

Human Design taught me how to set myself free and it can do the same for you.

So what is Human Design?

A unique, personality assessment tool. It uses astrology, the Kabbalah, the chakra system and I-Ching to map out your one-of-a-kind energy blueprint.  Human Design readings can show you everything from how you’re wired to make decisions to what your core life challenge is.

You can quickly pinpoint the innermost fears that are getting in the way of your happiness without years of psychoanalysis.  

No more second guessing. Or needing your mom, best friend and psychic to weigh in before you can choose your next step.  

Curious to learn more?