You can’t afford to burn out.

You want to leave the world in better shape than you found it. You’ve spent your whole life getting ready to do your real work --- the work you’re doing now. The only thing is, you feel stretched by all you have to do’re not quite doing your best work.

The problem isn’t you.

The problem is that we've been brainwashed by the cult of productivity. We've been sold the lie that productivity is all about getting more done using discipline and color-coded calendars.

Productivity is really about getting the right things done. The things that really matter and make a difference in the world. The things that honor our rhythm and energize us. I call that Flowductivity.

To do that, you need to learn:

  • what's really holding you back,
  • how you naturally work best, and
  • what habits will help you be your best even when you're short on time or unmotivated

I help mission-driven organizations and dreamers + doers (like you) bring your radical ideas into the world. Without the burnout and drama.

Learn how.